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One more distinction for the European Taekwondo Union

28-10-2016 Hits:216

    The ETU Secretary General Michael Fysentzidis was unanimously awarded by the Apollonian Aw...

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The Cyprus Olympic Committee welcomes ETU President

27-10-2016 Hits:423

  The ETU President Sakis Pragalos visited Nicosia, Cyprus on the 26th of October 2016 and met with the...

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Dragan Jovic: “Our major goal is to help Taekwondo to retain as a top-level…

26-10-2016 Hits:3074

    By Andrea Kafas   Serbia is ready to host the 15th Galeb Belgrade Trophy – Se...

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Coach Licence RENEWAL INFO

06-10-2016 Hits:4260

          Use the following link to register for renewals: ...

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ETU Humanitatian Foundation: "Serving life through sport"

03-10-2016 Hits:776

    On the occasion of the 18th Balkan Taekwondo Championship held in Dupnitsa city in Bulgari...

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Amazing news!

16-09-2016 Hits:1327

  By decision of Russian Taekwondo Union, this year the entry fee for participation at Russian ...

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7th ETU European Cadet Championships – Competition Day 4

11-09-2016 Hits:1329

    Sunday 11/09/2016 The 7th ETU European Taekwondo Cadet Championships came to an end by...

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7th ETU European Cadet Championships - Competition Day 3

10-09-2016 Hits:1017

  Saturday 10/09/2016   The Competition Day 3 of the 7th ETU European Cadet Championships ...

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ETU 40 Years Anniversary Gala

10-09-2016 Hits:3283

  Saturday, 10 September 2016   Under a formal ceremony and in a commemoratory atmosphere...

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7th ETU European Cadet Championships - Competition Day 1

08-09-2016 Hits:1924

/ Thursday 08/09/2016   The first Competition Day of the 7th ETU European Taekwondo Cadet Champ...

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ETU Coach Seminar in Bucharest, Romania 2016

06-09-2016 Hits:910

    The ETU Coaches Seminar on 6 September 2016, in Bucharest, Romania, was successfully compl...

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Black Belt Award

05-09-2016 Hits:413

  The President of the italian Taekwondo Union (FITA) Mr. Angelo Cito, honored the Major of Rome, Mrs R...

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Hall Of Fame

Milica Mandic.

Milica Mandic

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Joel Gonzales Bonilla

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Michail Mouroutsos

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Servet Tazegul

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Carlo Molfetta

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Jade Jones



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