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                                Montreux, 20 MAY 2016

History was written today by Servet Tazegul (TUR) in the ETU European Taekwondo Championships Montreu in Switzerland. Today, the holder of two Olympic medals in London (2012) and Beijing (2008), achieved having  five gold medals (all in a row) – happening for the 2nd time  in the history of the games and therefore, he equals the record for most first places that Geremia Di Constanzo (ITA) held since 1988.

At the same time she was found among the first 11 of athletes that have won five medals (regardless of color) in European Championships.

Apart from Tazegul, Jade Jones (GBR) managed to make her dream come true and after three failed attempts at previous European Championships, she was finally found the highest step of the podium.

Elsewhere, Jaouad Achab (BEL) seems to have no opponent in -63kg since after World gold medal in Chelyabinsk and the European gold medal in Baku, he managed to be found again at the top of the category of -63 kg.

Further information:
In the -53kg category Tatiana Kudashova (RUS), after overcoming the huge barrier of Ana Zaninovic (CRO, No.-2 in World Ranking) in the quarterfinals, managed to win the gold medal with a 4-3 win over Patima Abakarova (AZE). The latter, apparently for tactical reasons (due to its participation in Rio 2016), last minute changed category, but that did not stop to find the podium of the victorious. The third place was taken by Zeliha Agris (TUR) and Floriane Liborio (FRA).

In -57kg category, Jade Jones (GBR) was the big favorite for the gold medal and confirmed that in the best way. She scored two emphatic wins against Martina Zubcic (CRO) in the semifinal 7-5 and Nikita Glasnovic (SWE) in the final by a score of 11-5. This was the first gold medal at the European Championships for the holder of the Olympic gold medal in London. In 2014 in Baku she was second but this time she performed better, leaving many promises in view of Rio 2016.

Regarding Glasnovic, it was likely that she ran out of breath after the great victory over Raheleh Asemani (BEL) in the semifinal (5- 4). The latter, in its first appearance in a major tournament under the colors of Belgium was limited to the third place along with Martina Zubcic (CRO).

In men and the -63 kg category, Jaouad Achab (BEL) had no problems to reach the second gold medal at the European Championship after that in Baku 2014. In the final, Achab defeated 8-2 the surprise performer of the category, Jaroslaw Mecmajer (POL). The Pole reached the final leaving out the holder of the Olympic gold medal in London 2012, Joel Gonzalez Bonilla (ESP), prevailing 6-1 in the semifinals. In the third place, besides Gonzalez Bonilla was also found Stevens Barclais (FRA).

In the category with the most athlete’s appearances (35 in total), the -68kg one, Servet Tazegul was the ultimate. In the final he won 6-5 against an interapid Hamza Adnan-Karim (GER) and added his name to the top of the list of athletes with the most gold medals in history (total of five). The gold medal came seconds before the completion of the fight, since the German proved a tough opponent.

Adnan-Karim was ahead by 3-0 and 5-3, but about 10 seconds before the end Tazegul got three points, the victory and the fifth gold medal of his career in European Championship of men. In the third place were Sergey Vardazaryan (ARM) and Konstantin Minin. Noteworthy of the second day was the conquest by Armenia of its second medal in the European Championships and also the impressive victory of the unknown -until before few hours; Stavroula Kontou(GRE) over the former owner of the title, Eva Calvo Gomez (ESP).

Winners of Day 2
SENIORS FEMALE A -53 (25 competitors)
FINAL: Kudashova, Tatiana (RUS) - Abakarova, Patimat (AZE) 4-3
1. Tatiana Kudashova (RUS)
2. Patimat Abakarova (AZE)
3. Zeliha Agris (TUR)
3. Floriane Liborio (FRA)

SENIORS FEMALE A -57 (26 competitors)
FINAL: Jones, Jade (GBR) - Glasnovic, Nikita (SWE) 11-5
1. Jade Jones (GBR)
2. Nikita Glasnovic (SWE)
3. Raheleh Asemani (BEL)
3. Martina Zubcic (CRO)

SENIORS MALE A -63 (30 competitors)
FINAL: Achab, Jaouad - Mecmajer, Jaroslaw 8-2 On points
1. Jaouad Achab (BEL)
2. Jaroslaw Mecmajer (POL)
3. Stevens Barclais (FRA)
3. Joel Gonzalez Bonilla (ESP)
SENIORS MALE A -68 (35 competitors)
FINAL: Tazegul, Servet - Adnan-Karim, Hamza 6-5
1. Servet Tazegul (TUR)
2. Hamza Adnan-Karim (GER)
3. Sergey Vardazaryan (ARM)
3. Konstantin Minin (RUS)

MEDAL STANDINGS (after 2nd day)
BELGIUM 2-0- 1, RUSSIA 1-0- 5, TURKEY 1-0- 2, GREAT BRITAIN 1-0- 1,
UKRAINE 1-0- 0, SERBIA 1-0- 0, PORTUGAL 1-0- 0, SPAIN 0-2- 1, POLAND 0-1-
0, GERMANY 0-1- 0, AZERBAIJAN 0-1- 0, SWEDEN 0-1- 0, ISRAEL 0-1- 0,
SLOVENIA 0-1- 0, FRANCE 0-0- 3, CROATIA 0-0- 2, ARMENIA 0-0- 1.

Kudashova Tatiana (RUS): “The Final against Patimat was a really tough game. I am extremely glad and proud that I won this fight and reaching the top by becoming a gold medalist, so happy that I finally achieved my goals for these Championships”.
Jade Jones (GBR): “It needs hard work in order to succeed and I am certainly proud and happy for becoming European Champion in Montreux, prior the Olympic Games in Rio. Actually, these games were an excellent chance to become even better and get well prepared for the Olympic Games Rio 2016 and my great goal- a gold medal”.

Achab Jaouad (BEL): “I tried to fight hard and give all I got, I was concentrated to do my best and now I am so happy and satisfied for winning the gold medal, like I did during the European Championships in 2014. But I won’t stop here, I will continue hard working and hope that the future will be successful for me as until now”. Tazegul Servet (TUR): “Right now I feel so wonderful, I feel great because this is my 5 th European gold medal. Now, the next stop for me will be the Olympic Games Rio 2016, where I will do my best and of course my goal is another Olympic medal”.



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